Advertise With Us

Our mission is to provide consumers with online apartment information through our custom built Google maps interface. We are primarily looking to work with individuals looking to advertise their apartments and other interested parties to find the right advertising solution.

Advertising - Our Step by Step Process

Step One

Select an Ad Type & Size:

Image Ads
   - Small Ad (120 x 60 pixels $10 month (1st month FREE!)
   - Skyscraper (160 x 600 pixels $35 month (1st month FREE!)
   - Apartment Owners Ask About COLORED MAP MARKERS - $7 a month + a Free Text Link! (1st month FREE!)

Featured Text Links
   - Line of text (35-56 characters per line. $3 a month per line up to 7 lines)

Step Two

Select a Location:

Small ads run in the left hand column of each apartments page directly underneath "Helpful Resources".

Skyscraper ads run in the left hand hand column next to the custom map application.

Text Ads run either above or below the map.

Step Three


Contact Us:

Send us an email and tell us what you'd like to advertise. Direct your information to the Apartments Atlanta Sales Director:

Our advertising rates are based on the amount of time you with to work with us. We do not require long term contracts, in fact if you'd like to try us out for one month free of charge and quit after that, you can do that as well. We don't believe in charging per 1,000 impressions, per click or per lead, so if you want to check on your ad, you can do that on our site at any time. We are flexible when it comes to advertising so if you have ideas beyond these standard banner sizes please contact us and we can work something out!